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About VConnect Foundation

VConnect Foundation is a parent support group for children with hearing loss. It is a supportive network for families of children committed to using ‘Listening and Spoken Language’ to communicate. VConnect Foundation is a charitable organization founded in 2007 by two parents of children with hearing differences - Vahishtai J Daboo and Fatema Jagmag - who are also professionals in the field.

VConnect’s purpose is to support, educate, empower, provide hope and guidance to parents in their journey to mainstream their children as successful, contributing members of society.

Main Pillars of VConnect

New Born hearing Screening Programme

The New Born Hearing Screening Programme was started in 2012, with a dedicated core team of parents and professionals. The programme has evolved over the years and continues to run in 3 hospitals in Mumbai. Over 8000 new born babies have been screened to date.


VConnect believes in co-creating an educational ecosystem that fosters a culture of inclusiveness. Keeping that in mind VConnect has launched a mainstream guide to enable children with hearing loss to be successfully integrated into the mainstream. This is a guide is meant for parents, teachers, therapists, school teachers, educators and professionals. It provides basic guidelines for mainstreaming children.

Mental Health

The mental health of parents is of primary importance to ensure they are able to cope with their child’s mental health. One of the primary pillars in VConnect Mental Health. 3 core team members of VConnect have undergone a one year course in Mental Health from Ummeed Child Development Center and the entire core team having undergone a 2 days sensitization on mental health. The team has conducted 8 full day workshops on mental health in the country. VConnect is committed to ensure that they continue to work towards keeping the parents and children’s mental health need met.

Support and Empowerment

VConnect’s chatrooms/circles provide opportunities for parents to draw support and empowerment from each other, post or answer queries posted by other parents, celebrate their child’s successes and participate in discussions with each other. Both the physical and the virtual meetings enable parents to have a sense of community platforms and feel confident that they can reach out whenever there is a need. Parents are able to network and learn from each other’s experiences and this enables them to advocate for themselves and each other. VConnect constantly strives to empower parents by taking them in as volunteers and then building their skills and capacity to enable the organisation to reach out to many many more parents who need help and support to manage and work with their children to enable them reach their full potential.